Fanfiction Review: Still Life

Still Life by Catchclaw


This fic consumed me. It was one I stopped reading and messaged a friend to read before I read the rest. (seriously. So gorgeous.
I’m pretty sure I was late to get my kids from school the day I stumbled across it.
The beauty of this fic is that there is no case. There’s just Dean and Sam and Kevin (ikr??) in the bunker after the angels fall.
And Cas is….well. Castiel is trying to find himself. He calls home and memories are unfolding for Dean when he does, but it’s a slow thing.
Like they’re whole relationship.
Watching Dean come to grips with his love for Cas is….amazing.
And then. Ohhh, man. There’s this fucking PHENOMENAL phone sex scene. I can’t even. It wasn’t dirty–it was almost sweet. But it was sexy as hell.
This fic gave me feels and nailed Dean’s inner thoughts and gave me fluffy domestic Winchesters which I can’t resist. There’s something about the way Catchclaw writes that’s easy and dirty and lovely. I couldn’t resist it, and then tore through the rest of her substantial list of fics because she’s just damn talented.
Bonus: there’s a small scene when Dean is working on Baby and talking to her that might be my favorite in all the fic I’ve read. I adore the relationship that boy has with his car.