Fanfic Review: The Path of Fireflies

The Path of Fireflies by museaway


This is a semi-popular trope. Dean wakes up with no memory of how it happened, but happily married to Castiel, retired.
I have to admit that this isa favorite trope of mine. I love Dean and Cas together, but I have a soft spot for them safe together. And this fic delivers on that in a spectacular sort of way. Dean feels off. He’s struggling to remember and to accept his life with Cas when the night before he went to bed a mostly straight dude with a fallen angel as best friend. Waking up to find out that same angel is his husband throws him off and he spends a good part of the fic fighting that and learning how to love Cas openly.
Sam is a background character with a life and family of his own.
So Cas and Dean run a B&B in Vermont, and Dean fights the whole retired life by hunting occasionally, and slowly falls in love with Cas. And it’s sweet. It’s safe. It’s everything I want for my two favorite characters.
Except, it’s not real.
Dean is living a fantasy given to him by a cupid and Balthazar pulls him out of it to save Sam and Cas (Cas is busy dying in the real world while Dean lives this fantasy.)
And it almost destroys him.
So this fic works because of the relationship between TFW. Between Dean and Cas, and the sweetness of it all. It didn’t have a heavy story line. It was ridiculously fluffy and domestic and sweet.
But the author nailed Castiel. She had Dean down to utter perfection, and the relationship between them was so damn well done and sweet.
This fic works because it’s everything I’ve ever wanted for Dean and Cas and Sam.
It’s the kind of peace that they never get,  the kind that’s not perfect, that includes arguing and their own lives, and Dean being Dean in all his stubborn idiotic ways. It’s perfect, and then it’s snatched away and shattered and it breaks your heart in the process.
Flawless. Utterly flawless. Definitely read it.