FanFic Review: The Hands That Bind Me

The Hands That Bind Me by Zombiecat


So this. Heh. Ok.
Dean comes back from purgatory all kinds of messed up. I mean, our boy has ALWAYS been fucked up, but now he’s tripping over the line into feral more often than he’s not. He misses the violence and black/white of purgatory, where decisions were stripped away and he was nothing but a solider.
And Cas has the perfect solution.
Yeah. This is Destiel and BDSM and Cas even gives Dean this fucking tattoo that ensures Dean will obey and submit.
I love every facet that makes up the awkward angel. But one of my favorite is when he’s a badass angel of the lord unafraid to push Dean around and to allow Dean to push back.
And that’s what this gave us. Dean come back from purgatory broken and needs to rage and Cas is a safe place. No matter how much Dean throws himself at the angel, he can’t hurt him. And Cas can take Dean apart, take all that rage and pent up desire, and put him back together.
It starts as all fury and need and of course it progresses into more than that. As Dean realizes just how much he loves the angel and how much Cas is willing to do for him.
Sam provides a conflict in the background as he worries over his brother keeping secrets and coming home battered and bruised. When he sees the Enochian tattoo from Cas, he decides Cas is hurting him and steps in.
The thing I loved about this is the sex was phenomenal, the kink was well done, and the emotion between Cas and Dean was fantastic. It’s a story I devoured and haven’t been able to shake. I want more Dom Cas and more of the emotional mess that was Dean.