Fanfic Review: Half Price Gemini

Half Price Gemini by


So let me set the stage on this one.
Castiel Novak has a twin brother. Jimmy. Identical. And no one—not even Jimmy’s wife can tell them apart.
The only one who can is Jimmy’s daughter, Claire.
After a house fire kills Jimmy and Amelia wanders off to find herself, Castiel (an eccentric artist) takes Claire and moves to a small town where he opens a bookstore. Gabriel opens a bakery down the street.
Everything is good. The town likes their eccentric Novacks (even if Cas tends to see things in shades of color and speaks in riddles) and years pass.
Until Sam Winchester moves in between the bakery and the bookstore.
And his brother comes with him.
What did I love about this fic.
Ok, actually, let’s go with what I didn’t love about this fic.
1. Amelia shows up about halfway through and causes issues that I thought we could have done without.
And 2. It ended.
Aside from that, the work was perfection. Cas was delightfully awkward and grumpy and endearing. Dean was by turns sweet and grumpy and a little confused about what to do with this weird artist who he clearly wants more than friendship with. Gabe and Sam have a delightful friendship building in the background and Claire—Claire was the icing on the damn cake with this one. By turns sweet and young and innocent, and then sharp and no nonsense dealing and raising Castiel just as much as he raised her.
This story was domestic fluff and amazing writing and sugar sweet with a touch of angst. It was a gorgeous sweet love story and it left me angsting for more, of this particular store, and from the author in general.
I’ve read a lot of fic. A lot I adored. But very few stuck with me and made me smile weeks and months later, thinking back to a particular line of dialogue or character, the way that this one did. It’s fantastic. Go read it.