Fanfic Review: Grace the Gun

Grace the Gun by


So this. Ohhh, this. This is a reverse!verse. Cas is a hunter with his sister Anna and cousin Gabriel. And Dean—Dean is the angel who pulls him from Hell.
That’s it.
I mean, it’s a bit more complicated. There’s the whole searching for God, there’s a fair does of apocalypse. But the thing is that Dean has been guarding Anna (and Castiel) since childhood, and he’s compeltely in love with the stubborn grumpy hunter.
I really loved that this reverse!verse kept their personality intact. Dean was Dean, right down to his love for the Impala and Sam and pie. Castiel was just as stubborn and prickly and grumpy as fuck as he is as an angel.
I loved that. I loved Dean’s love for Cas, and Castiel’s love for his family, and Dean. I loved the ending, even though it ripped my heart out. It put me back together again, in the most bittersweet way imaginable.
Of all the reverse!verse fics I’ve read—this was by far the best.