FanFic Review: Forgotten

Forgotten by NorthernSparrow


Sam and Dean are on a case. They aren’t sure what they’re hunting but they know it has something to do with a powerful angel they’ve never heard of before. A guy by the name of Castiel.

That’s the plot.
This fic tore open my heart. Broke it in pieces. And then, so slowly. Soooo slowly. It put me back together. Dean and Sam forgetting Castiel hurt in so many ways. And Castiel (aka Buddy in this fic) is still there, still trying to help them, and so sad that he’s been forgotten.
It hurt go read.
But the case was brilliantly executed and the fact is, I adore this author and the way she spins out a story. The relationship between the brothers and Cas is utterly perfect.
Even thought I know NorthernSparrow will break my heart with her fic, I keep coming back and reading it because she keeps putting me back together in the best possible way.