FanFic Review: Faith Healer

Faith Healer by

This is cannon divergent. Sam needs help with his abilities. And Dean is at the literal end of his rope. So he chases on last miracle and calls upon Cas, a Faith Healer.
And for a fair bit of money, Cas helps him. The catch is—Cas doesn’t tell him how.
Dean doesn’t like Cas. And he doesn’t trust him.
But he does fuck him—especially once he runs out of money to pay for Cas’s fees for Sam’s treatment and room/board.
So Cas and Dean are finding a slow place together, slowly inching toward love, and then Dean finds out exactly how Cas has been helping his brother.
I love the way the author depicts Cas in this. The story was fantastic, of course, Dean was perfect and Sam was utterly adorable. But what nailed this into my top 10 favorite fics is that Cas was utter perfection.
He was a delightful rendition of endverse!Cas. A little bit hippie, a little bit druggie and omg, so fucking wonderful. I adored this fic just because he jumped off the page and gave me that delicious endverse!Cas smirk every time I turned around. The story wasn’t ground breaking. But it was good, and the writing was amazing and Cas.
Just Cas.
endverse Cas smirk