Episode Review: What Is And What Should Never Be (Season 2, Episode 20)

This episode is a prime example of WHY WE DON’T HUNT WITHOUT OUR BROTHER.
Seriously though. All of the emotional angst and heartache could have been avoided if Dean had just taken Sammy with him. But noooo. He has to be a hero and check shit out by himself.
This was one of the first episodes that really hurt my heart. In Our Time Of Dying did, sure, but in the conventional way. This episode is Supernatural at it’s finest. It’s a monster of the week, and it’s all this happy fluff—Dean gets sent into a world where Mary didn’t die.
One wish.
Changes everything.
But what makes this Supernatural at it’s finest is that as happy as it is that Mary is alive—it fucks up everything. It takes away everything that makes Dean Dean. It takes away his hunting and his relationship with Sam, it takes away the life he knew. And the life he’s got now—well, it’s not bad, but it’s not good. It’s a life where his unexplained behavior is met with concern about alcohol and Sam dislikes him. He tries on domesticity and let’s be honest—domesticity looks hella hot on Dean Winchester.
But it’s not real. And as the episode goes on and Dean realizes just how not real this world is—he realizes he has to give it up.
The scene where Dean is standing over John’s grave talking about everything that their family has sacrificed, we see just how much this life has taken from Dean. Just how much he wants a normal life.
Sam is often the one who is called out for wanting a normal, apple pie life. But this episode lets us see that Dean misses that too. That a part of him wants that. Even if all he wished for was Mary to have never died.
Because of that, this episode hurts my heart in the best way possible.
Two standout moments from this episode? When Dean calls Sam a bitch and Sam looks so confused and offended.
And Baby. Because even in this weird world that isn’t his—Dean has his Baby. That is one thing that never seems to change.