Episode Review: The French Mistake (Season 6, Episode 15)

This is a fan (and cast) favorite. And it’s episodes like this that are why I love Supernatural.
It doesn’t mind making fun of itself (I’m something called a Jared Padalacki).
It’s an episode that makes no sense if you aren’t a fan. Even casual watchers will miss a lot of the humor (my husband had no idea why I was in stitches over that Gen/Jared scene).
But while it’s amusing and fun and a nice light episode before we get into the deep, dark of season 6, it also has it’s moment of depth.
Moments where Dean is offering to give up their lives—the life he’s always loved—because in this alternate universe, Sam has a good life and a pretty wife and is safe.
Moments where they’re frustrated and Dean tells us in his own words (or tells executive producer Bob Singer) how much what they are matters to him and Sam.
Also? There is Balthazar. I’ve made no secret about the fact that I fucking love Balthazar (see Blue Bright Eyes and Star Spun Galaxies) so it’s always nice to see a bit of him. I loved that he drove the plot for this one.
Annnd there is Cas. Castiel and Misha are a huge part of why I love this episode. Let’s start with Misha.
The first interaction with the boys, while they are scrambling to figure out what the hell is  happening to them. It’s so perfect how Misha plays Cas and then in the space of about two heartbeats slips back into Misha. His kind of befuddled amusement and almost jackass behavior to the crew—all of it combines to be hysterical and perfect as it plays off Dean and Sam’s increasing panic as the episode goes on.
And then, you know, his death scene was amazing. Just fucking amazing.
Theeeeen. We have Castiel. Because there is definitely a difference between Cas and Misha and Castiel. I’ve made no secret that I’m a huge fan of Castiel, angel of the lord. In all his delightful badass glory. And when he faces off with Raphael? When he calmly manhadles his hunters back to Bobby’s and explains absolutely nothing to them?
Even knowing what’s coming, I love Castiel in this episode.
And his wings make an appearance! CAS WINGS, YOU GUYS! I have a soft spot for Cas wings.
All in all, the episode is amusing and Supernatural at it’s finest. And I loved it.
Final Destiel bonus thought: Very telling, in my opinion that when Cas displays his wings, we cut to Dean’s reaction to that. Not Sam or even Raphael.