New Fic + A Review

I’ve been busy since I posted last!! Which means, FIC for you to read.


But first. Let’s talk about a recent favorite.


Real Slick Dean by trilliath

This is an ABO, which I’ve been stuck in for a few weeks now. And the name is vaguely ridiculous, so it gave me pause. But it was recommended and I was sleepy enough I didn’t want to dig for anything else, so I opened it up and YOU. GUYS.

This fic wasn’t anything new in the ABO verse. It was Alpha Cas and Omega Dean, and Cas is a cop who get drugged and sent into rut. Dean is an omega at Ellen’s Roadhouse to help another omega headed into heat.

Cas has been using bottled slick to help him through his ruts, and when he smells Dean, he realizes, oh, shit, this is him.

The rest is heat and rut sex and feelings.

What made this stand out was when Cas smells Dean. He immediately goes after the omega, because Alpha and mate, right? But while he can’t do anything about his biology, he’s screaming for Sam and Ellen to help him, and apologizing to Dean, doing everything he can to keep from hurting Dean even when he can’t.

What I love about A/B/O is that it so often challenges sexual role and how we view them. That Cas knew he couldn’t do anYthing about his biology, but refused to just let it rule his actions really made me happy.

The sex and slow build of feelings wasn’t bad either. Check it out. ❤


Here’s what I’ve put up on AO3 since we last chatted. Enjoy!

Every First Kiss – Dean and Cas have had a series of first kisses, over the years, and they never mean anything. But this one? Does.

Unexpected Houseguest – Sam and Dean come back to the bunker to find an unexpected houseguest.

Crafts and Special Days – Sam doesn’t understand the point of the cards his first grade teacher has them making. And when she explains it—well. Now he gets it completely.

Grace & Souls & Soulmates – Heaven and Hell have mocked them for years. The angel whose in love with you. Sam and Dean don’t know why. But Castiel does.

a thousand unspoken thing – Sam has been listening, for years, to the thing that lingers unspoken between his brother and his best friend.

Alphas are Assholes – Dean is a omega bartender who wants nothing to do with the alpha chefs at Devei’s Delight. Until he really really does.

Shattered & Tarnished – I’ve posted two new chapters in this long fic!!


That’s it! I’ll be back soon with more fic, more reviews and my thoughts on depression & Fandom.

N~ (+ Arei)

In Which N Wanders to DestielCon

YOOOU GUYYS!!!! I’m so fucking late posting this. I offer my sincerest apologies for that. Ok. So.

So. Last Friday, I kissed Mister goodbye and grabbed a coffee and headed north, full of excitement.
I was meeting Bestie in Cincinnati for the third annual DestielCon. So.

I’ve never been to a fan con before. I went in with no idea what to expect and all kinds of hopeful things.
Mostly I wanted to hang out with Bestie and fangirl a little.
And omg, did that happen.
Let’s get the issues out of the way first.
It was a little disorganized for my taste–mostly I’m referring to the panelist referring to a fic to support a thought or as am example but then being unable to name the fic or author for those of us who might look them up later.
I thought a few panels could have gone more in depth with material covered.
And Destiel was rarely discussed.
Ok, so that’s out of the way.
You guys. I love fandom. I loved walking down the hall and not worrying about sounding ridiculous because if someone overheard me ranting about Metatron, they joined in. I loved the panels about fanfic and the enthusiasm there. That was my literal favorite. Because that fed my own creativity. There was one panel where they gave us prompts and had us write for 20 mins and then we read them out loud.
I’m pretty sure I traumatized a girl in our little group with mine. Sorry about that, sweetie. (I posted it on AO3)
I loved the theories that floated around all weekend (even the ones I disagreed with) and the hours of chilling with Bestie and talking about Cockles and Destiel and TFW. I loved movie night and the late night panels about A/B/O and BDSM and dark stories. I loved all of the ideas for stories I came away with (especially a new ridiculously dark novel I can’t wait to start, and so many adorable little fic ideas I actually started a doc to list them.)
I’m a workaholic who rarely takes more than a few hours at a time off and usually those are spent being a mom to my kids. and I took a weekend off and spent time with my best friend and people who get my obsession.
And it wasn’t perfect.
But it was pretty fucking amazing. And I can’t wait til I can do it again.


A Brand New Fic.

The little girl wandered into the woods and a wolf….


Ok, but that had something to do with this.




Arei has started a new novel length fanfic. You can read Shattered & Tarnished at

Wattpad or A03

She will be posting a new chapter every week.

And it’s freaking AWESOME. Here’s what it’s about: (SPOILERS FOR 11, CANNON DIVERGENT CASE FIC)


When Chuck & Amara left, they tipped the balance. A power vacuum that needed to be filled. And with nothing to fill it, the world reached for the old gods.

The sleeping gods.

Sam and Dean Winchester get two months. Two months of peace and rebuilding their family. Castiel is there, more often than not, guiding Heaven, but wanting little part in the restructure of power.

They get two months of quiet and apple pie life, and a chance with someone whose been lost to them for decades.

When peace shatters, it shatters spectacularly.

A new threat is blowing in from the Northeast, spreading death in its wake, and it’s got its sights set on the Winchesters.

And then Heaven complicates things in the form of a child. A little girl named Lucy, with an angel’s grace and a devil’s smile and no fucking clue what the hell is living inside her vessel.