About Forever Fangirl

In a hole in the ground there lived…

Dammit, that’s NOT how this starts. Let’s try again.

I (both me and my alter ego) like to hermit. (Almost like a hole in the ground? Stop. You can’t make that work.) Ok, so I like to hermit. And I work a lot. I LOVE my work. It’s been, for years, my biggest coping mechanism for dealing with depression.

But I also like having background noise. I like having TV on in the background, something I half pay attention to while I work.

Binge watching is one of my favorite past times. And it’s also how I land, so often and easily in fandom.

So a few months ago, I mentioned to my Jessica (hai, Jess, everyone say hai. She’s my bestie and my person and my publicist. Also she fangirls, too. You’ll like her.) that I wanted to do a blog.

And then I forgot about it, because I do that.

What Jess tends to do is remember every. fucking. thing. I’ve ever said. And so here we are.

I decided to call it Forever Fangirl because I have been one–since I was a high school girl obsessed with LOTR, and even before that when Wrath of Kahn terrified my 6yo self and Kirk made me swoon. (Trekkie, remember?)

ForeverFangirl.com is my playground. It’s where I’m just a fangirl, with wild theories (dude, wait til I get started on my hopes for Supernatural season 12) where I’ll babble about what new shows I watch, and movies I see, and occassionally even music.

It’s where I’ll review fic that I love and episodes (You can see a list of my favorites of both now!) and what I’m writing–both my published stuff and my new fanfic.

Occasionally, I’ll even let MiniFangirl talk.

So that’s it. That’s Forever Fangirl.

OH! Guess what! I have a new project. Check it out!!