New Fic + A Review

I’ve been busy since I posted last!! Which means, FIC for you to read.


But first. Let’s talk about a recent favorite.


Real Slick Dean by trilliath

This is an ABO, which I’ve been stuck in for a few weeks now. And the name is vaguely ridiculous, so it gave me pause. But it was recommended and I was sleepy enough I didn’t want to dig for anything else, so I opened it up and YOU. GUYS.

This fic wasn’t anything new in the ABO verse. It was Alpha Cas and Omega Dean, and Cas is a cop who get drugged and sent into rut. Dean is an omega at Ellen’s Roadhouse to help another omega headed into heat.

Cas has been using bottled slick to help him through his ruts, and when he smells Dean, he realizes, oh, shit, this is him.

The rest is heat and rut sex and feelings.

What made this stand out was when Cas smells Dean. He immediately goes after the omega, because Alpha and mate, right? But while he can’t do anything about his biology, he’s screaming for Sam and Ellen to help him, and apologizing to Dean, doing everything he can to keep from hurting Dean even when he can’t.

What I love about A/B/O is that it so often challenges sexual role and how we view them. That Cas knew he couldn’t do anYthing about his biology, but refused to just let it rule his actions really made me happy.

The sex and slow build of feelings wasn’t bad either. Check it out. ❤


Here’s what I’ve put up on AO3 since we last chatted. Enjoy!

Every First Kiss – Dean and Cas have had a series of first kisses, over the years, and they never mean anything. But this one? Does.

Unexpected Houseguest – Sam and Dean come back to the bunker to find an unexpected houseguest.

Crafts and Special Days – Sam doesn’t understand the point of the cards his first grade teacher has them making. And when she explains it—well. Now he gets it completely.

Grace & Souls & Soulmates – Heaven and Hell have mocked them for years. The angel whose in love with you. Sam and Dean don’t know why. But Castiel does.

a thousand unspoken thing – Sam has been listening, for years, to the thing that lingers unspoken between his brother and his best friend.

Alphas are Assholes – Dean is a omega bartender who wants nothing to do with the alpha chefs at Devei’s Delight. Until he really really does.

Shattered & Tarnished – I’ve posted two new chapters in this long fic!!


That’s it! I’ll be back soon with more fic, more reviews and my thoughts on depression & Fandom.

N~ (+ Arei)

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